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The Easter celebrations are near and we look forward to seeing you all again! We open our doors and give you a warm welcome.

Opening times: Saturday, 30.03, Sunday, 31.03, Monday, 01.04

Open for lunch and dinner! We have prepared two menus for you. Visit us and enjoy.


Reservations by Erwin: Tel: +39 338 95 91 131

Menu 1

Speck platter
raffan - bread - spreadable cheese

Tris of dumplings
spinach - speck - pressed dumplings

Steak steak with roasted potatoes
rocket - parmesan - balsamico - herb butter


55 Euro

Menù 2

Potato ravioli
fresh cheese - spinach - parmesan - sage butter

Veal cheeks with "Spätzle
celery puree - glazed carrots - veal jus



45 Euro

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